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Occupied Staging is the process of using the seller’s furniture and rearranging the best way possible to create a neutral design in every room. Decorating is when a homeowner creates a beautiful space that reflects their personal taste, but it may not appeal to everyone that comes to view the home as a potential buyer.


During our occupied stagings, we can go into the home with an objective eye, work with the owner’s furniture and rearrange what is currently in the home to create a look that will appeal to all types of buyers. We will make suggestions on what should be removed and what should be rearranged to maximize the square footage in every room.


We make suggestions that start from the curb appeal and throughout the entire home, if there is a room that you would like for us not to enter and view, we completely respect that.

Your results will show a home listing that will stand out from the rest of the competition.  A home that a buyer can picture themselves living and building a new life in. 

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