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My Story

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I'm Karen Wong, designer and boss babe.  I’ve always had an eye for beauty and a passion for style. I started my business with one goal in mind: to help create functional dream spaces for clients where they can live, work, or chill out. I've always been told I have the Midas touch when it comes to interior design. So when I apply it to real estate sales, I am able to transform empty rooms into rooms home buyers dream of living in.  Rooms that envoke comfort.  These spaces will inspire homebuyers to picture themselves living in the home with flow, function, and clean design.   

I employ 16 years of experience in manufacturing and design of furniture for commercial and residential spaces when staging homes to sell. They sell at top dollar and in a very short period of time. 


My portfolio shows the scope of my work: from staging vacant homes from investment properties, occupied homes, short-term rental properties and everything in-between.  I’m a great communicator and will always listen to hear your ideas before suggesting mine. Contact me today so we can start working together soon!

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